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Perform this trick for a friend

(Note: there are two other tricks on this site you can perform for a friend: Two minds together and Secret number)


Explain to a friend that the wizard can actually hear their voice and produce any card below, provided they speak the name of that card into the microphone. You click the microphone once and that card appears. 

The microphone is actually a grid which is a series of links to the six cards.  Simply click the portion of the grid that corresponds to the card. You don't have to memorize any order. The grid follows the same order as the row of cards below.

For example: if your friend selects the King of Spades, simple click "KS" which is the third from the left of the top row.

To start the trick: 

The bar on the left says: "Your Voice" The link to the trick is the last letter: "e"  Your Voice  When you are ready to begin, call your friend over, click the "e" and have fun!


 KH = King of Hearts; JC = Jack of Clubs; KS = King of Spades; QD =Queen of Diamonds; QC = Queen of Clubs; JD = Jack of Diamonds