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Handwriting Analysis

(Click the button next to the example that most closely matches your handwriting style.)



T-Bar: Which most resembles the way you cross your T's?


The 'i' dot: Which most resembles the way you dot your i's?  


Stems: Which most resembles the way you write the stems on your lower case g's and y's?  


Breaks: Within words, how much space do you leave between letters? Are there breaks between your letters?



The ‘E’: Which most resembles most the way your write your e's? 


Ending stroke: How do you finish your words? How much your ending strokes curve up and to the left?



Lead-in stroke: Is there a soft, wavy line leading into your ‘m’?



The ‘M’: Is the second hump of your ‘m’ higher than your first? 



Loops: Which most resembles the loops in your ‘t’ and ‘d’ letters?



Slant: Do you write on an angle? Pick the example that most matches yours. 


T-Bar: Examine the relative weight of your ‘t-bar’ and select the most appropriate example (light, medium or heavy).


Loops: Examine the loops in your ‘m’s and ‘n’s. Which most resembles yours?